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Age: Somewhere in her twenties.
Height: Shortish
Weight: Lightish
Medical Info: She's... pretty healthy for someone who's seen a lot of combat and predates modern medicine?
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Physical traits: Nothing that shouldn't be visible from icons (once I... have some)?
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Pretty much anything!
Abilities: Fighting with swords, daggers, and bows; lockpicking; picking pockets; disabling traps; singing; writing music; telling stories; fashion advice. Truly a Renaissance woman, this one.
Notes for the Psychics/Magically or Spiritually sensitive: She's totally unmagical! Just a nice totally normal pseudo-French ex-spy who thinks that God talks to her.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Sure, though if you attack her she'll fight back.
Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Sure! Hugs are great. :|b
Maim/Murder/Death: I prefer to deal with this on a case-by-case basis when/if it comes up.
Cooking: I imagine she can do some basics, but nothing too fancy.
Other: I'm taking her from right after the end of DA:O, so she doesn't know any of the DAII characters except for the ones she met in Lothering prior to the events of the games.
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Character: Leliana
Series: Dragon Age: Origins
Character Age: Probably 20-something
Job: Fashion Consultant
Canon: Dragon Age: Origins is a video game set In A World (tm) of swords, sorcery, elves, and other high fantasy tropes, where the country of Ferelden is being overrun by demons called the Darkspawn. The only people who are able to fight the Darkspawn are the elite warriors called the Grey Wardens. Unfortunately, most of them are dead. As one of the last Grey Wardens in Ferelden, the player must run all over the map raising armies, sorting out succession crises, and generally preparing to end the Darkspawn invasion once and for all. Of course, they will also need to acquire a Ragtag Bunch of Companions to aid them in this quest.

Leliana is one of these companions. Before joining the party, she was a Sister of the Chantry, Ferelden's major religion, and she's about as optimistic and sincere in her faith as one might expect of someone who's devoted her life to the Maker. Then again, she also has a mischievous streak, a suspicious amount of skill at picking locks and pockets, and a store of colorful anecdotes about her life in France Orlais before entering the cloister. She also appreciates the finer things in life -- music, dancing, fine foods, pretty clothes and shoes. She can be a little tactless at times, and maybe she talks a bit too much, but on the whole she's quite well-meaning and almost always willing to try to see the best in people.

Sample Post:

Hello! It seems I've been hired as your Fashion Consultant. I admit I never knew that such a job existed. Imagine, being paid just to tell someone what to wear! Mind you, I knew a few fine ladies in Orlais who could have used such a service. I don't recommend telling them that, though. Unless you're trying to get a rise out of them, which can be rather funny. But there are usually better ways to do that. I once caused an uproar in the court of a certain noble lady using a handkerchief and a mouse which had- oh, but I shouldn't get into that now.

... Where was I? Oh, yes. As your fashion consultant, I'm here to help you make the most of what the Maker has given you. You're all quite beautiful already, in your unique way — I've never seen creatures quite like you before, actually, with such brightly-colored fur. No matter who or what you are, though, the right accessories can make anyone shine just that much more. Naturally what matters most in the end is what is in your heart, but looking your best can give you more confidence — and of course, it's fun.

It is a bit hard to know where to begin when you don't seem to be wearing any clothes at the moment, but you have that lovely purple fur. Something in pink would complement it quite nicely, I think, or perhaps gold, if you want to be daring. As for the material, well, I would suggest something light, like silk, but I don't think that would last very long in a swamp. It's no wonder none of you have any nice things if you have to trudge around in this muck all day doing... what is it that you do around here? ... Ah. I'm sorry I asked.

Oh, I see someone else has joined my audience. If you don't mind my saying so, you look a little undead... but if the undead want to feel pretty every now and then, who am I to judge? Just so long as you don't get violent — as much as I appreciate accessories, this dagger isn't decorative. As long as you understand that, I'm happy to help. Let's see, then, what would you say your best attribute is? Your brains? That's not quite what I meant — intelligence is important too, of course, but we're talking about looks right now, and brains aren't something other people can see, are they?

... Oh. Oh, dear. Perhaps we should look into hats.


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